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the swiss higher education system covers universities and higher vocational training. students who study in switzerland can choose from universities providing general education and universities of applied sciences. higher vocational training is provided by technical schools, leading to vocational certificates and diplomas. both types of institutes make up a dense network of education outlets in switzerland, offering a high quality of study opportunities to swiss and international students alike.

Education System

the education system in switzerland is internationally recognized for its excellence. alongside the state-funded establishments, switzerland also offers a wide choice of high quality education at private schools. both public and private establishments provide a comprehensive range of education at all levels. 

Entry Requirements to Study in Switzerland

To study in Switzerland, candidates must possess either a state-recognized Swiss maturity certificate or another foreign certificate recognized as equivalent by the university. Specific requirements will differ between universities and programs levels. Check out this page to learn more about what you will need to apply to study in Switzerland.

Student Visas to Study in Switzerland

International students wanting to study in Switzerland will need to obtain a visa from their local Swiss embassy. Depending on whether you are an EU/EEA national or not will determine whether you need a visa. EU/EEA citizens do not require student visas to study in Switzerland but they will need to register with the local resident registration office upon arrival. Non-EU/EEA citizens will require a student visa. Learn more about the student visa process here.

Tuition Fees & Scholarships

Tuition fees at Swiss universities are relatively low compared to other European countries, making it one of the top choices for international students to study. There are various scholarships that are offered through bilateral agreements between governments and/or universities, or within the frame of a pool - download our scholarship guide here.

Student Jobs While Studying in Switzerland

once you have obtained your visa/residence permit which allows you to study in switzerland, you may be able to take on a job to compliment your studies. how many hours you may work will depend on your visa/permit and is dependent on approval of from your university that taking on a job will not prolong your study period.


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